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6/28 Lineup

Drew Michael joins this week’s Paper Machete.


Plus musical guests REPUBLIC OF LIGHTS and more surprises!

3 PM at THE GREEN MILL, free!

4/7 Line-Up

Samantha Irby (photo via


Special musical guests GLAD FANNY and THE BORED OF EDUCATION


3pm, Horseshoe, 4115 N. Lincoln Ave, FREE!

Bike Tune-Up Raffle: Deadline Extended!

Last week we announced a raffle for a free bike tune-up at Easy Rider for anyone who donated any amount to the Machete that week. Well, the raffle deadline’s been extended to this Saturday 7/30! Simply visit our Donate page and give online to be entered, or come see the 7/30 show and purchase a raffle ticket in person. The winner will be drawn at Saturday’s show.

You do not need to present at the show to win. If you don’t live in the Chicago area, we can send the certificate to the lucky, bike-riding Chicagoan of your choice. Ride on!

7/9 Line-Up

The July 9th show’s topic include Denver pot dispensaries, Apple’s editing software debacle, creepy “Princess Di at 50” coverage, the unnoticed death of a Massachusetts woman in a public pool, pop stars performing for dictators & more. We’ll have a visit from Tony winner Rondi Reed and music from two of our favorite recurring Machete acts.





Rondi Reed (actress, August: Osage County)
Will Nedved (playwright, The Gift Theatre)
Lisa Buscani (writer/performer, The Neo-Futurists)
Marcus Gilmer (editor, A.V. Club)
Peter Kremidas (iO and ComedySportz)
David Isaacson (writer/performer, Theater Oobleck)
Ali Weiss (writer/performer, Machete producer and video editor)

Musical Guests:

Jessie FIsher and Erik Hellman
Real Tits (the latest band from John Szymanski and John Bliss)

7/2 Line-Up: American Icons

This Saturday we kick off your 4th of July weekend by mixing our usual shenanigans with a healthy dose of Americana. We’ve got a robber baron, a blue puppet, and talk of Americans from Phyllis Schlafly to George Parker. If you think you can find a better, freer show on Saturday at 3pm, we’ve got a bridge to sell you.


The line-up:
Chad Briggs (comedian)
Molly Brennan (500 Clown)
Bilal Dardai (The Neo-Futurists)
Andrew Marchetti (actor, writer, puppeteer for Crash Pad, with Mooch, the blue monster who is friends with Machete regular Chad the Bird)
Ali Weiss (writer & video editor, The Paper Machete producer)
Wendy Mateo (Dominizuelan)
Micah Philbrook (pH Productions, The Second City)
Stephanie Shaw (BoyGirlBoyGirl)

Musical Guests:
Robbie and Donna Fulks

6/25 Line-Up: The Pride Show

Student Zach Wahls at the Iowa House of Representatives

As we lead up to Chicago’s 42nd Annual Pride Parade this weekend, our show features a wide variety of topics. Some of our guests and topics will be Pride-related, while others we’ll merely be proud to host.

Zach Wahls (University of Iowa student best know for his speech to the Iowa House of Representatives against a resolution that would end civil unions in Iowa).
David Cerda as Joan Crawford (Hell in a Handbag)
Alison Cuddy (848)
Dr. Bill Savage (PhD. Northwestern)
Rob Anderson (Impress These Apes)
Caitlin Parrish (playwright, A Twist of Water)
Jacob Steward (the Iowa high school teacher who wowed us at the 9/4/10 “Back-to-School” show)
Sharon Greene (The Neo-Futurists)
Mel Evans (ComedySportz)
Susan Messing (iO, The Second City, Messing with a Friend) and Beth Melewski (Baby Wants Candy, The Second City e.t.c., Cash Cab Chicago)

3PM. THE HORSESHOE, 4115 N Lincoln Ave. FREE. Doors & kitchen open at 2!

6/18 Line-Up: Inaugural Horseshoe Show!

Paul Brittan (photo via

This is a very special Machete: Our Horseshoe debut.

Plus it’s Just For Laughs week in Chicago, which brings two old Machete friends back into town and, happily, onto our stage: Saturday Night Live’s Paul Brittain (listen his previous Machete performance as “Sex Ed Vincent” here and catch him in Just for Laughs that evening) and entertainment journalist / Just For Laughs Chicago consultant Steve Heisler (here he is discussing this year’s lineup).

We’re also thrilled to have some of our favorite local purveyors of wit on the line-up this week: iO Chicago’s Nancy Friedrich, Bill Boehler, Rex Graff and Steve Waltien (who can be heard on our podcast discussing assholes here); slam poet Emily Rose (here’s her podcast on Pluto); and The Strange Tree‘s Emily Schwartz.

As if that’s not enough, we are honored to bring you the legendary Jon Langford as our musical guest!

Please join us as we kick off our new chapter with these brilliant performers. Check back here as we update this post with more details on the week’s topics.

6/18 3pm at our NEW VENUE The Horseshoe, 4115 N Lincoln Ave. Doors at 2:30. No reservations required. FREE.

Venue Change

After 18 amazing months at our Ricochets home, The Paper Machete is packing up and moving down Lincoln Avenue to the Horseshoe beginning 6/18. The reasons are simple: The Horseshoe is a music venue with an excellent sound system, and it’s a bigger venue. It also happens to be much closer to Christopher’s apartment.

We are happy to remain in the 47th Ward and the same general North Center / Lincoln Square area, and we sincerely believe and hope this change remains loyal to our local & regular audience. We give our undying gratitude to Rick, Natalie, Emily and the Ricochets staff for hosting our show from one experimental day at the bar to a weekly beloved event. We plan to continue our relationship with Ricochets by doing occasional special events there.

More on the change here.

The Horseshoe is located at 4115 North Lincoln Ave.