First round of Stage 2 World Cup football! USA vs. Ghana, win or go home!  We’re not gonna compete with that. In fact, we’ll be there early to watch and invite you to swing by.

This week’s show will begin at 3:30 PM and features these performers:

Ali Weiss (writer, performer, Paper Machete producer) will Guest Emcee in Piatt’s absence.

Jeff Gandy (writer/performer, Second City Training Center Teen & Youth Program Director) will appear as Dick Dandermuff, summer camp director.

Caitlin Montanye Parrish (writer, Time Out Chicago) returns to Team Machete to tackle Twilight.

Josh Zagoren (actor, writer, puppeteer, Hobo Junction, The Bad Tomato) returns to the Machete with Chad, our favorite pink bird from Laguna Beach.

Musical Guest: Mike Przygoda (Rego, The Pawns, Rollin’ in the 2-5 video)


Also be sure to check out the info for Saturday’s special EVENING production. Yes. Two shows Saturday.

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