“Plan ahead!” – Pete Degraaf (R-Mulvane)

Don’t miss this stellar Memorial Day Weekend line-up, as previewed in Time Out Chicag0:

Guest storyteller Michael Shannon (A Red Orchid Theatre, Take Shelter)
A radio play by Brett Neveu (starring Lance Baker and Mierka Girten)
Achy Obejas (writer, Ruins) with a guest column
Stephanie Diaz Reppen (writer) tackles Pete De Graaf’s “spare tire” comment on abortion
Dennis O’Toole (journalist) on Joakim Noah’s $50,000 fine
Ben Johnson (comic) with the music report
Josh Zagoren (writer/actor/puppeteer) with a movie review by Chad the Bird
Improv by Jet Eveleth and Holly Laurent (iO, The Reckoning)

Musical Guest: Brandon Thompson

Ricochet’s, 4644 N Lincoln Ave. 3PM. FREE.

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