After 18 amazing months at our Ricochets home, The Paper Machete is packing up and moving down Lincoln Avenue to the Horseshoe beginning 6/18. The reasons are simple: The Horseshoe is a music venue with an excellent sound system, and it’s a bigger venue. It also happens to be much closer to Christopher’s apartment.

We are happy to remain in the 47th Ward and the same general North Center / Lincoln Square area, and we sincerely believe and hope this change remains loyal to our local & regular audience. We give our undying gratitude to Rick, Natalie, Emily and the Ricochets staff for hosting our show from one experimental day at the bar to a weekly beloved event. We plan to continue our relationship with Ricochets by doing occasional special events there.

More on the change here.

The Horseshoe is located at 4115 North Lincoln Ave.

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