In a first here at the Machete, we present you with an entire show in one podcast. We call it The Paper Machete Radio Magazine, Issue Date 6/11/11.

This show will always hold a place in our hearts, as it was our last regular Saturday afternoon performance at Ricochet’s. We welcomed our own 47th Ward alderman Ameya Pawar, who discussed disaster preparedness and the interconnected infrastructure of Chicago’s neighborhoods. We were honored to host award-winning author and journalist Alex Kotlowitz, who told a moving story about the eviction of an urban family. We saw brilliant Machete debuts from writer Shannon Cason, who shed light on recent cuts in the Detroit Public Schools, and Clare Zulkey, who contemplated Jennifer Anniston’s Spike TV “Decade of Hotness” award.

We also relished the usual wit of a few Machete regulars. Writer and digital media strategist Scott Smith took on Chicago’s “flash mob” hysteria, while writer Kim Bellware read between the lines of a controversial Real Housewives quip. Host Christopher Piatt weighed Anthony Weiner’s problems against Thomas Jefferson’s, and comedian Ricardo Gamboa drew parallels between the X-Men and disenfranchised Americans. Our musical guest was funnyman Matt Baron of Baron Von Something. The show also features rare musical accompaniment for Piatt’s traditional Act I closer and, of course, a heartfelt farewell to Ricochet’s, our original home.

Table of Contents (hr:mm:ss)

00:00 Christopher Piatt’s Intro
01:29 Scott Smith
10:36 Clare Zulkey
19:48 Shannon Cason
30:26 Alex Kotlowitz
38:44 Christopher Piatt sings his traditional intermission song “Smoke That Cigarette,” this time accompanied by John Szymanski and John Bliss on vocals & guitar and Mike Przygoda on drums.
42:21 Kim Bellware
51:16 Christopher Piatt
57:07 Ricky Gamboa
01:06:25 Ameya Pawar
01:20:47 Musical Guest Matt Baron
01:27:05 Christopher’s Farewell & Thank You to Ricochet’s

Recorded at Ricochet’s on 6/11/11 by Kurt Heintz. Photos by Evan Hanover.


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