Here’s the third edition of The Paper Machete Radio Magazine, where we bring you multiple pieces from a single Paper Machete show. With the 7/2/11 issue, we launch a new format: The producers DJ a few selections from that week’s live show. Christopher Piatt and Ali Weiss offer a little behind-the-scenes info about each piece and share various fun facts and senseless banter.

In tandem with this new format, we will continue to release individual pieces on the podcast, as fast as the hamster at our headquarters can turn his wheel. So listeners will now have the option of checking the archives for a particular performance, or listening to the Radio Magazine for a condensed, narrated account of the week as we saw it.

This week we bring you Robbie and Donna Fulks, Bilal Dardai, Stephanie Shaw, and musical guest Dastardly. We’ll say no more. We say it on the podcast now.

Thoughts about the new format? We welcome your comments. Thanks for listening!

Live performances recorded by Nick Keenan at the Horseshoe on 7/2/11. Photos by Evan Hanover.



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