Hey gang,

We’re so excited that first daughter Chelsea Clinton is headlining this week’s Paper Machete!

Oh, no, wait a minute. Sorry about that. We so excited that Chelsea Clinton just got a “journalism” job with NBC, and that we get to throw a snotty, ranting hissy fit about it at this week’s Paper Machete.

Same dif.

Meantime, we’re also featuring a totally hotshit lineup of excellent writers, comics and journalists. And even a Chicago Alderman!

Simply put, you’re a huge jerkface if you don’t come join us.

Dave Awl
Shannon Cason
Kurt Heintz
Emily Rose
Kristen Studard
Scott Smith
Alderman Scott Waguespack
Special holiday music by Matthew Loren Cohen (The Second City)
And musical guests The Sonnets!

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