We regret to inform you that, due to the uncommonly slow news week in Chicago this week, the Paper Machete has been canceled.

Oh… no. WAIT. Hang on. We just noticed something on our Facebook feed. Give us a sec here…

HOLY CRAP. Looks like there’s some Blago news.

Blagojevich sentenced (source: CS Monitor)

Okay. Scratch that. Game on.

Join us this Saturday as we flambe Illinois’s most famous pompadour. Plus lots of other fun surprises, including special musical guests BABY TEETH.

As always, the lineup of guests is so good it’s almost illegal. Yes, selling-a-Senate-seat illegal. We take our work that seriously.

Dig it:

Madame Barker’s Cabaret (Molly Brennan and John Fournier)
Art and Nancy Brennan (Occupy activists)
Chad the Bird
Cameron Esposito (Stand-up Comedienne)
Kate James and Steve Waltien (The Second City)
Claire Zulkey (Blogger/Funny Ha Ha)
Music by Baby Teeth


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    A simple and intelglinet point, well made. Thanks!

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