Audition for the Paper Machete at the return of

Have you ever yearned to audition for the Paper Machete? The return of our open incubator series THE MASH is your chance.

Our new venue is our Uptown neighbor Emerald City Coffee. (Since Christopher’s from Kansas, this feels really right to him.) And you have not one but TWO chances to read: 2/26 at 3pm and 2/28 at 7pm.

Please come prepared with either:

—A five-minute character monologue based on something from the week’s headlines*

—A 1000-word essay written in the 3rd person, based on something from the week’s headlines

Signups begin 30 minutes to start time. THE MASH is pretty informal and user friendly. All participants will sit in a circle and read for the assembled group. You don’t have to read anything if you just choose to come and observe. Several of the Machete’s best contributors have participated in this series over the years, and of course it’s completely FREE. So why not take the plunge?

Emerald City Coffee
1224 W Wilson
2/26 at 3pm
2/28 at 7pm

*No Hamilton spoofs. We just… we just can’t.